Round Chapel Salon

Round Chapel Salon Round Chapel

On the 26th April I took part in the Chelsea Salon Series at the Round Chapel in Hackney.

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MEMORIA TECHNICA – 1 March – 4 March 2012

I have recently taken part in the mid term MA show ‘Memoria Technica’.
It was very well attended, with a rich variety of work showing the talent and extensive artistic practice amongst the students.

Thanks to all who came along and to our amazing curator Christina Millare from the ‘Cornerhouse Gallery in Manchester’

The work I exhibited was 9 inkjet photographs printed on to Hanhuemule Paper and mounted on Aluminium. The images were taken of the ‘hand made bowls’, shown here with their original partner in a vitrine along with what I hope are amusing (slightly tongue in cheek) descriptor texts; an archival, museological reference is made. Taking the ‘bowl’ as one of the most ancient domestic objects that still has relevance today, the work intends to highlight the distance and closeness between the three elements and help me to develop my understanding of the link between the original artwork and the copy. Many artists appropriate other artists work and make it their own by the smallest and cleverest of tweaks, such as Richard Prince or on a grander scale Tom Hunter. In my case using Old Master’s or museum methods of display or anything really that has some historical value or reference seems to always find its way into my work. I hope this adds an extra layer of interest for the viewer and some depth of thought to the work. [Read more…]


New images from recent work. Concentrating more on the OBJECT, COLLECTIONS and ARCHIVES. [Read more…]

In September 2011 I had notification about the National Open Art Competition…in fact I had several e.mails and finally decided to enter.

I made 4 submissions. Two were rejected in the first round of judging!! and two were accepted for the 2nd round.
I had to take the photos to Goodwood…the NOAC Headquarters. I believe there were 4000 submissions in the 1st round? and this was whittled down to 4-500 for the 2nd round? so I was delighted to have two for consideration.
The judges were an esteemed group including Gavin Turk (Artist & Chair), Francis Hodgson (photography critic FT) , Catherine Lampert (former curator at the Whitechapel Gallery), Lisa Wright (artist, and previous winner).

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GX Gallery ‘Flock’ 12/08/2011

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Still Life. After Cotan

First composition. Taken on Med’ Format film
Mounting: Backed onto Dibond, faced with Acrylic
Dimensions: 47″x47.5″ (1190 x 1200) [Read more…]

Still Life. After Galizia 2011

The following work relates to my interest in Still Life and the17th century Spanish ‘Bodegones’ artists that worked at raising the status of the everyday object, often choosing to paint food and kitchen objects. My work is currently focusing on looking at the overlooked, using Juan Sanchez Cotan’s work ‘
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Flo. 2010

Two of a series of 6 phone photos looking at the stages of growing up and the confusion of adolescence and parenthood. [Read more…]

Home. 2010

This image was an experimental shoot combining two ideas: Firstly the image of Ophelia drowned in the lake; secondly, the drowning of Miss Flynn in Laurie Lee’s ‘Cider with Rosie’,where she is found by the milkman, the horses are so startled by the milkman’s reaction that they rear, the milk cart is upturned and the milk from the churns runs into the village pond.

The aim of the photograph was to depict the housewife drowning in milk, surrounded by her kitchen paraphernalia.The picture was never completely resolved but will be revised in the future. [Read more…]