A fun evening. Thank you to all concerned especially the organisers and all visitors.

Some of the photographs for the project can be seen in the gallery section of the web site

International Women’s Day Event

The problem for me is always the beginning…having the idea and then taking a leap of faith as most artists never know where the work will lead. I began this project, trying to look a little more closely at the number of jobs women do during the course of their working day, whether in a professional capacity or working within the home keeping everything and everyone operational really as a cathartic exercise.

The idea had been around for a long time…but had been simmering on the back burner till recently when I thought now is the time to do a bit of exploration and check out other women’s experience.

I gave the exercise a working title of ‘How Many Hats?’ So metaphorically speaking how many hats or roles do you wear during a usual working day.

The e.mail and bit of research are set out below and they give a clear picture of the overall aim of the project, which is primarily to make a visual representation of women’s experiences. Essentially I was wondering whether I was/am the only one out there running around in my lunch hour doing essential shopping, or being called by nursery, school, nanny, the vet ,and of course partner telling me we have guests for dinner THAT NIGHT, but with no intention of catering for said guests!! It is my contention that had I not been so distracted and needy to be all things to all men and children and pets I would have been Director of Social Services or at least Team leader!!! one of the respondents put on her list, as one of her hats ‘Domestic Failure’, something with hindsight i should have aspired to …you know who you are and I have to say I think you will go far…keep me posted!

I sent these to a number of friends and friends of friends and have had an amazing response and they are still coming.

Anyway the outcome of starting this project has been an invitation from a group of women lawyers at ‘Squire Sanders’ Law firm in the city to show the photographs at their event to mark International Women’s Day on the 6th March. All this happened in January 2014 and with not a photo taken time has been  a bit of a pressure. However nothing like a bit of pressure to get things moving

To date I have photographed 27 women and 3 male partners where professional roles have overlapped;  I would have liked to photograph more men as a means of giving them a chance to defend themselves. However I think it is fair to say that there has not been the same enthusiasm for the exercise! we can only wonder why? I would really like to photograph all respondents who are willing to go in front of a camera and whilst this might take some time I think it a worthwhile subject to document and welcome any new contributors.

The photos are quite literal with some references to other artists work such as Cathy Wilkes. There is a general theme of portraiture, with a direct expressionless gaze in to the lens. Originally I thought a straight head and shoulders would work;  I had in mind the artist Thomas Ruff but with all the props this proved impossible. I will post a couple of images later and will begin  a ‘Hats or I was just about to smash through the glass ceiling when…’ gallery very soon.

In the meantime the original e.mail and text and invitation to the event are below:

HATS – email draft copy 2


HATS – The Brief

International Women¹s Day ­ Cocktail Party – Invite




Art Lacuna Pop Up Print Show


Antechamber. On the threshold of the domestic

Very Much Look forward to seeing you . Hope you can make it.

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6° of S e p a r a t i o n

‘being there’

Please do join us for the PV of Part 1 on the 6 June, and don’t forget about Part 2 the following week 14 June….

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An interesting experience at Woburn Abbey. A beautiful space in which to exhibit and experiment with work in a different setting…

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New Industrialists

Vibe Gallery

Vibe Gallery Show

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Like thousands of others I thought I would submit some photographic work for the RA Summer exhibition however was not successful but in good company…thinking of Manet and many other esteemed artists of the past – so took part in a ‘Salon des Refuses’ exhibition.

The photographs were from last year and it was good to give them another outing and get feed back. I won’t show images here as they are already posted (After Caravaggio & After Galizia2)  [Read more…]