Artist’s Statement

My work takes a critical view of the home, using everyday objects within it as a direct representation of the ordinary rather than the extraordinary, the expected over the unexpected and the humdrum of everyday life rather than exciting special events.

Whilst I use a variety of techniques and materials, my methodology is consistent. I use transcription and appropriation, taking existing artwork, artefacts and every day objects to link recurring concerns, associated with the home. Religious painting and iconography are a great source of inspiration often mirroring contemporary family experiences.

Particular emphasis is placed on raising the status of, and giving visibility to the commonplace; I see this as a fundamental theme underpinning my work.
Art projects are informed by historical references, and developed by layers of research that relate to contemporary events, relationships and objects.

Connecting past and present fascinates me, and the reconnection of ordinary things, principally in the home, to their past, present and future, by museological presentation mimicry, appropriation and re-representation makes a series of conversations, that often lead to another line of enquiry that influences and changes my thinking and practice.

Recently my interests have moved in another direction, whilst transcription is the basis, the theme is a photographic documentation, exploring changes in the social and economic landscape of Salford and the surrounding area. Working in collaboration with Dr John Darwell the work will take the paintings and locations of LS Lowry to create a contemporary view of this traditionally industrial region of England.